Dark Souls tweaked to 1.04, now better than ever

By my calculations, From Software should have the new update for Dark Souls just about ready, bringing a bunch of tweaks and adjustments to the game that is still dominating my Twitter feed and stealing all our friends.

The shiny new 1.04 update promises to – among other things – restock a bunch of shopkeepers.

Weapon Smithboxes, Armor Smithboxes and Repairboxes are all available at Blacksmith Vamos and the Giant Blacksmith – and the Giant Blacksmith also has Twinkling Titanite for sale.

Downhall of Zena has moved, but will now sell a master key. The male Undead Merchant now stocks a Bottomless Box, while his female counterpart, along with Blacksmith Andrei has a new shipment of arrows – standard arrows, heavy arrows, wood arrows, normal bolts, heavy bolts and wood bolts.

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The patch also updates an assortment of both spells and equipment, with Ring of Fog, Pyromancy Flame, magic shield and great magical shield all in line for adjustments. If you’re fond of the Tranquil Walk of Peace, that’s set to be tweaked, too (not sure which way, though!).

Finally, there’s been a little wiggling for equipment weight and drop rates – and, believe it or not, the amount of souls you’ll earn from defeating enemies has been re-balanced.

…it’s not all singleplayer, either. Dark Souls multiplayer matching has been adjusted in 1.04 too, and – finally – players will get the full amount of souls for defeating a boss after the update kicks in.

Game invaders will also be pleased to learn that orbs will no longer be consumed on failed invasions, with cracked red orbs used only on successful attempts.

Then there’s the usual assortment of bug-fixes, mended glitches and housekeeping – the infinite items issue’s been fixed, as has the annoying one-second delay on attacks.

[img_big]center,7457,2011-08-17/g.jpg,Dark Souls[/img_big]

Dark Souls v1.04 is set to go live on November 2nd, Japan time – so keep an eye out for it next time you fire up the game.

Thanks to Siliconera, who did all the hard work translating the Japanese patch notes.

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