Professor Layton stars in new smartphone RPG

Professor Layton Royale

Professor Layton Royale

Trying something a little bit different, Level 5 has teamed up with DeNA to create a social RPG for the Mobage platform. Professor Layton Royale takes the popular courtroom series and blends it with the Kaito Royale series from DeNA to create a “reasoning RPG” for Japanese smartphones.

Take your pick, play as a detective, thief or simply an ordinary Londoner as you work your way through the game – each role has different goals and different ways of achieving things. Criminals, of course, must avoid being caught – while detectives are advised to pursue their investigations, cooperating with citizens.

Like most games on the Mobage platform, Professor Layton Royale is free-to-play and supported by microtransactions. Siliconera reports: No word at this stage about a Western port or release of this one.

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