Microsoft explores the Kinect Effect

Can you believe this week marks the first anniversary of Microsoft‘s Kinect for Xbox 360? Neither can we. Fortunately, the publisher has kept a closer eye on the calendar to us, and has sent out a note to start celebrating.


Birthday boy!

There’s the usual pat-on-the back stuff – including the fact that 10 million sensors have been sold (not shipped!) in that 12 months, snagging MS the Guinness World Record for the fastest-selling consumer electronics device over 60 days.

Six months into Kinect’s reign, the Windows SDK was launched, seeing a wave of creative applications and clever uses for the technology in everything from healthcare to education to art.

Microsoft calls this “The Kinect Effect”, and – unsurprisingly – would like it to spread further. Starting “early next year”, the company is launching the Kinect for Windows commercial program – bringing the hardware capabilities to PCs in the mainstream.

Already, more than 200 businesses from around the world have signed up for a Kinect for Windows pilot program, exploring just what the hardware is really capable of. When they find out, I’m sure they’ll share.

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