Cognition needs your help to catch the killer

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller is a new game in the works at Phoenix Online Studios, the same team who brought you the King’s Quest fan-project The Silver Lining.

This time around, they’re working on an all-new IP, with help from Dutch indie developer Khaeon Gamestudio – and you. To make Cognition be all the game it can be, the developers need a little help from their friends – and that includes you!

Friends also includes renowned designer Jane Jensen as story consultant, and comic book artist Roman Molenaar who’s contributing graphic novel-style imagery for the game.

The Cognition story as we know it so far: FBI agent Erica Reed lost her brother three years ago to a serial killer who was never caught. Through her investigation of the crime, Erica discovered the strange (and somewhat unpredictable) talent of post-cognition – by simply touching na object, she can see its past, including the events that happened on, to, or around it.

Obviously, that’s the sort of thing that’s super-helpful for an FBI agent, but Erica’s still a little unnerved by the whole thing, which has affected her life – both personal and professional.

Now, a new serial killer is on the loose – leaving behind clues that only Erica can decipher. It’s all a little too convenient – has someone figured out her secret? What do they want from her?

…and, if she works this case, will Erica uncover the truth about her brother’s killer, too?

[img_big]center,8608,2011-10-31/COG_04.jpg,Cognition concept art[/img_big]

Released as a series of four episodes, Cognition is headed to PC, with versions for mobile and consoles a possibility down the track.

Jensen is pleased to be involved with the project:

I’m very impressed by Phoenix’s work on The Silver Lining — this is a talented team who has shown incredible dedication to a fan game. Now they’re a young company moving into commercial production and I’m happy to be involved. I hope to help them make their first project a success. Cognition is a perfect fit, too, with its supernatural storyline and graphic novel style.

So – interested? You can help Phoenix and Khaeon develop Cognition through their new Kickstarter Page, where the developers are raising money for software licenses, resources and other start-up costs. In exchange for your donation, there are a bunch of awesome rewards on offer – including signed hard copies, downloadable copies of Cognition, and an opportunity or two to see your name in lights. You know you want to.

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