Postal 3 announcement confuses gamers

(That’s an s, not an r…) Whether you’ll admit it or not, we’ve been waiting for Postal 3 since 2006, when developer Running with Scissors announced the game would be making the leap to consoles for the first time.

Now, some five years later, the game is apparently ready for launch… oddly enough, with no console date in sight.

Instead, the infamous game is set to return on December 10th, via Steam.

[img_big]center,4457,2011-10-30/Postal3-2e5.jpg,One of the more tasteful images from the game so far[/img_big]

Running with Scissors CEO, Vince Desi, says there is still an Xbox 360 and PS3 version on the way, proclaiming:

This is a great day for RWS but, more importantly, for POSTAL Fans around the world. We welcome gamers everywhere to play for themselves and see what they’ve been missing.

This is the first game in the series published by Russian company Akella, but most of the rest of it’s just what we expected. Postal Dude makes his return, alongside a “rainbow of society” – Randy Jones from the Village People, Playboy Playmate Jennifer Walcott, and the inimitable Ron Jeremy (you don’t need me to tell you who he is, right?).

It’s been 14 years since the original Postal, and since 1997 we’ve seen one proper sequel, a handful of add-on titles and even a feature film. This time around, Akella and Running With Scissors are starting small, with a simple, quiet release of Postal 3 onto digital distribution networks. The fun comes later.

Details are still thin on the ground for this one, but we do have a handful of screenshots tucked away in our Archive – and be warned, they’re (unsurprisingly) not in the best taste.

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