Minecraft convention tickets officially sold out

Not really surprised about this one: The inaugural Minecraft convention – creatively-titled MineCon – has officially sold out. It will be held in Las Vegas over the weekend of November 18 and 19, and marks the official launch of the blocky game that’s taken the world by storm.


The lineup for MineCon

The event was first suggested five months ago, to a surprisingly lukewarm response. By the time tickets actually went on sale, however, the tide had turned and gamers crashed several servers in their quest for tickets.

MineCon 2011 will include panels, demonstrations (including Minecraft on Xbox 360, discussions, a bunch of meet’n’greets (we’re guessing Notch has packed plenty of hand sanitiser), and all the usual convention carry-on, plus attendees will be given free alpha codes for both Scrolls and Cobalt, once they’re ready to be played.

If you’d been on the fence about this one, or hadn’t bothered picking up your tickets yet – too late! All gone. Better luck next year, unless the Minecraft phenomenon fades once it exits beta…

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