DJ Hero turntable controls huge Etch-A-Sketch

DJ Hero was a pretty nifty concept that, unfortunately, didn’t really translate into big sales for Activision. The unique turntable controllers are now collecting dust in gaming cabinets around the world – but here’s a couple that have been given a new lease of life.

DJ Hero's turntable controller

DJ Hero's turntable controller

A gamer calling himself [Ryan] has taken two DJ Hero turntables, added in a Teensy 2.0 micro-computer, and turned all three into a super-sized, tv-based Etch-A-Sketch.

Here’s a video of what he did – and how he did it – complete with footage of his cat (Hi, Leela!), an explanation of the technology behind everything and a demonstration of how it works.

Honestly though, even the novelty of that one might wear off after the first person has to shake the tv to clear it. [Ryan] quickly realised that what he’d created was a giant rotary encoder – like older-than-old-school gaming paddles, perfect for rockin’ out on some old-school games.

Quickly firing up his trusty MAME emulator, [Ryan] played a bit of both Cameltry and Off The Wall. As Hack A Day notes, the controllers work fine, but even the best technology cannot compensate for [Ryan]’s lack of skillz.

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