The Darkness 2: New trailer is Artfully Executed

This year, video games have been falling over themselves trying to be the most gory, the most gruesome, the most painful… we had Mortal Kombat, then House of the Dead: Overkill, both of which were somewhat anticipated.

Now, a challenger has appeared out of left field: The Darkness II.

While we knew Digital Extremes was, well, taking things to extremes, we didn’t necessarily expect this, a highlight reel showing just how Artfully Executed the game (and the characters) really is.

(Viewer discretion advised, of course!)

…and there you have The Darkness II, currently in the works at Digital Extremes ahead of a launch in February 2012 from 2K Games. In case you were concerned, the game has already passed through the notoriously strict Australian censors unscathed, so gamers down under shouldn’t have any troubles trying to get their hands on this one.

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