Temple of the Spider God widens Gamebook web

Up for a little light reading over the weekend? Tin Man Games has just launched the seventh in its series of Gamebook Adventures – the eagerly-anticipated Temple of the Spider God.

Now available in the App Store for an early-bird sale price, this one’s even more special than usual, with Fighting Fantasy author Jonathan Green bringing the series into the next generation. Despite contributing to the gamebook industry for many years, delving into both the Doctor Who and Star Wars universes, Temple of the Spider God is Green’s first foray into the world of digital gamebooks, describing the experience as “a real thrill”.

…but is it the opportunity to share his words with an all new audience that excites the author? Not so much, he laughs.

It’s the first book of mine to have its own them tune! What’s not to love?

Gamebook Adventures 7: The Temple of the Spider God

The cover of Gamebook Adventures 7

The story itself is set in the same fantasy world as the first six gamebooks, and you step into the role of a character searching for a famous explorer who has disappeared without a trace. Choose your own adventure and roll the dice to determine your attacks (thanks to Tin Man Games‘ realistic dice-rolling system), all while graced with stunning illustrations and a lush soundtrack.

More than just another link in the chain, Temple of the Spider God signals the beginning of a “new era” for Tin Man Games – the back-end technology has been totally overhauled, which makes it much more capable of dealing with other projects which use other gamebook or role-playing systems.

The first of these new projects: A collaboration with Greywood Publishing, a UK publisher best known for their print-based role-playing books. Teaming up with Tin Man Games and legendary illustrator Gary Chalk (from the Lone Wolf series), there’s a brand new gamebook series on the way: Gun Dogs, based in an all new setting.

Chalk says:

It’s great to be able to work on the creation of a world and then go on to illustrate your own bizarre inventions!

This is just the start. Tin Man has signed with a bunch of writers and license holders, so expect even more digital gamebooks in the months to come.

If you want to catch up on what you’ve missed, the entire Gamebook Adventures series is on sale in the App Store right now – and to find out a little more about what all the fuss is about, here’s our video interview with Tin Man‘s Neil Rennison where he explains it all.

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