Grab the popcorn for live-action Fruit Ninja trailer

Live-action movie trailers are clearly a Big Thing at the moment, popping up all over the place for all manner of products – including (of course) plenty of video games.

The latest one to grace our inbox is from SAXjewell, who has focussed his efforts on the vitamin-rich martial arts of Halfbrick‘s Fruit Ninja, creating a two-minute trailer for a movie I think we’d all enjoy this holiday season.

If you’d like to know a little more about the making of the trailer for Fruit Ninja: The Movie, Jewell has also posted a behind-the-scenes video. (In case you were curious, it seems that Walmart and “the internet” is the retailer of choice when shopping for props. Now you know.)

Speaking of Fruit Ninja and movies, while we haven’t seen any plans for an actual tie-in film at this stage, the lads at Halfbrick have already completed a project that goes the other way. Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots is taking the App Store by storm – a tie-in with the movie launching around the globe on October 28th.

It takes the original game and throws in a couple of new game modes (Desperado and Bandito), unlockable weapons and backgrounds inspired by the DreamWorks motion picture.

Phil Larsen, chief marketing officer at Halfbrick explains:

Fruit Ninja and “Puss in Boots” are perfect for each other. They’re both irreverent, light-hearted, and undeniably fun. Working with that fresh energy, we were able to do a lot of things in Fruit Ninja we hadn’t before. The all-new features, gameplay modes and puzzle elements are going to make mobile fans love everything we’ve done in Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots.

Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots is out now for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad – the perfect warm up for the movie, screening in all good cinemas very soon! …unfortunately, there are no plans for Fruit Ninja: The Movie to show up on a double-bill, sorry.

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