Indie Royale launch bundle benefits earlybirds

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first collection of indie games just for hipsters. I mean – how else are we meant to interpret the Indie Royale Launch Bundle, which actually rewards gamers for getting in early.

The Launch Bundle from Indie Royale

The Launch Bundle from Indie Royale

It’s an interesting concept. Four games are on offer – side-scroller A.R.E.S. Extinnction Agenda, “neo-noir” adventure game Gemini Rue, first person / tower defence mash-up Sanctum and 2.5D platformer Nimbus. All are Windows-only, and the majority can be played on either Steam or Desura.

At the moment, with nearly than 15,000 bundles sold, the price is a measly $2.27 – but that won’t last. As more people buy the game, the price will rise, so early adopters snag a better bargain.

At least, that’s one side of the coin. The other side sees the price lowered as gamers pay more than the minimum. Top contributors are also listed on a handy leaderboard, and – at time of writing – you can still get your name in lights for handing over less than $30.

Indie Royale might be a new name on the block, but it’s already one being spoken of highly. Expect their second bundle (specifically: “The Difficult 2nd Bundle”) in two weeks, “The Really Big Bundle” two weeks after that, and “The Alpha Fund Bundle” (you guessed it) another couple of weeks later.

Get the word out, sign up to the mailing list, and enjoy a handful of great games for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Hooray!

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