Battlefield 3 breaks street date Down Under

When a game as big as Battlefield 3 is just a day or two away from being available to the public, it seems almost inevitable that one retailer, somewhere, will “accidentally” put the game on shelves a little early.

Reports started popping up a few hours ago that a New South Wales Target store had started selling the EA blockbuster today, ahead of the October 27th scheduled launch.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

A JB Hi-Fi employee informed the media. The representative explained that – as one of their competitors is now selling the game, all Australian JB Hi-Fi stores would be doing the same.

All Australian retailers – including JB Hi-Fi and Target – were originally ordered to pull the games from shelves by both EA and the Australian distributor, All Interactive.

It seems that the efforts were too little, too late however – as both GAME and EB Games updated their twitter accounts with news that the game was on sale, and a memo soon circulated from the distributor, saying to all stores – essentially – sell ’em if you got ’em.

If you’d planned on attending a midnight launch for the game this evening, we’re told the events will still be held as organised – but if you’d prefer to be at home playing your newly-acquired game, that makes a lot of sense, too.

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