Buy Samsung SSD, get Arkham City thrown in

Now, we know that Batman: Arkham City is taking the world by storm on console, but poor PC gamers are waiting (im)patiently in the wings for their turn in the spotlight. While we’re not sure how many people will really need to upgrade their PCs in order to play the game, Samsung would like you to seriously consider making the leap to solid-state hard drives.

Samsung's offer

Samsung's offer

The tie-in is a little shaky perhaps, but basically the hardware giant has decided that if you buy one of its latest SSDs – the 830 series – after November 15th, you’ll snag yourself a free digital copy of Arkham City.

The drives aren’t cheap – starting at $230 USD for the 128GB version and escalating to $850 USD for the 512GB (the 64GB version isn’t included in the deal), but if you’d been planning on picking up a new game and a new drive, it’s not a bad little arrangement.

I’m not taking any bets on how many gamers suddenly decide “Hey, I want a new hard drive!”, after seeing this deal, but you never know.

Samsung’s offer is currently only confirmed in the United States but may be available elsewhere.

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