Battlefield 3: Is it real?

Despite the name of this new trailer, we can assure you that Battlefield 3 is indeed very real. Been there, played that, got the t-shirt.

But that’s not what the question really is. DICE isn’t asking whether or not the game is real: The company is asking whether or not you can tell the difference between the real world and the game world. And when you’re running BF3 on a high-end PC with a shiny video card, that line can get a little blurry.

So, what do you think? Is it all real? Is it all in-game footage? Is there a little bit of both thrown in there?

If you weren’t able to figure it out, then perhaps you should go line up for your copy of BF3 – out now in North America, Thursday in Australia and Friday in Europe. Midnight launches are being held all over the place in those countries where the game’s not out yet – check with your local gaming emporium for more details. See you on the Battlefield!

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