Grand Theft Auto V is real, trailer coming soon

Well now. With some of the oddest timing we’ve seen in a while, the Rockstar Games Twitter account just made a major announcement in an incredibly understated way.

The tweet included a hashtag and a URL.

The hashtag: #GTAV

The link:, which leads to a simple image including a date, when we can expect a shiny new reveal trailer.

Grand Theft Auto V

...who knew...?

GTA V has been rumoured to be in the works for quite a while now, so the announcement isn’t really a shock, but it’s still a pleasant surprise for this Tuesday.

…of course, the limited release of information is leading to all manner of rumours, speculations and conspiracy theories. We’re not buying into any of them, but will point out that the typeface used on the V is awfully reminiscent of printing you might find on money in the United States. Just sayin’.

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