Rabbids collectable EEERZ set to invade toyboxes

Those pesky rabbids are breaking free of their video game prison and making their way to toyboxes around the world, with the announcement of a new vinyl toy collection from Ubisoft.

Titled “EEERZ” (geddit?), the vinyl toys aren’t necessarily cuddly, and not something you’d give to your two year old nephew for Christmas (the price tag also suggests a more serious purchase). That said, if you’re a hardcore Rabbids fan, enjoy the odd piece of “wild, zany” art, or just like hoarding designer stuff, it could be perfect for your collection.

As you can see, this is no standard, mini-size vinyl creation – the Rabbid is 28cm tall (that’s around 11″), meaning there’s plenty of canvas for you to customise the way you like it.

Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Ubisoft is a toy collector from way back.

With the EEERZ collection, we wanted to offer Rabbids fans new and trendy creations. These designer toys show the versatility and the depth of the Rabbids’ artistic universe, and will please both fans of the franchise as well as collectors looking for original and distinct pieces of art.

Rabbids: EEERZ Velvet

The Velvet EEERZ Rabbids

Designed with love by Ubisoft, toy manufacturer Artoyz was brought onboard as partner for the project, something co-founder Michael Rouah is a little pleased by:

We were so excited when Ubisoft asked us to be their partner for the launch of the EEERZ!

With the Rabbids’ stumpy forms and their quirky minds, their entrance in the designer toys universe is a natural evolution. We have been very impressed by Ubisoft’s ability to insert the style of the brand into a desirable, collectable series of toys while still keeping the spirit of the Rabbids intact.

After all that, and the realm of possibilities open to you, if you still want something to snuggle with, Ubisoft has you covered. The EEERZ collection also includes an identically-sized velvet version, in five different colours. That one is super-duper-soft and just made for touching. See, they really do care!

The entire EEERZ collection is available now through the Ubi Shop, so – pardon the pun – hop to it!

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