Portal 2 to receive In-Game Editor

And in amongst all of the other news happening today, Valve is working hard too, announcing the second game add-on for Portal 2: A major update including an in-game editor.

Portal 2's Atlas and P-body

Tell 'em where to go

It’s already in development, but we won’t be seeing this one until “early 2012” – keep in mind of course that is Valve time, so we’ll see it when we see it.

The in-game map editor promises to be easy to use, giving gamers the ability to design, build and (of course) share single-player test chambers as well as co-op variety. Other gamers will then be able to view, play and vote for their favourites.

Released back in April, Portal 2 is currently the top-rated multiplatform game of 2011. Today’s announcement follows on from the game’s first content update, Peer Review which launched two weeks ago to great acclaim.

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