New Diablo III Cinematic: The Black Soulstone

At this year’s BlizzCon, gamers were expecting Big Things from the World of Warcraft developer, with all eyes on the globe’s most popular MMO. Looks like we should have been paying a little more attention to the impending demon-slayer, too.

Diablo III is almost ready, and while gamers were holding their collective breaths for a release date, we were told that – “in classic Blizzard fashion” – it’s going to be done when it’s done.

To tide you over, however, here’s a new cinematic: The Black Soulstone.

As Deckard Cain’s niece, Leah, struggles to make sense of her uncle’s mysterious and disturbing notations, she bears witness to a dark vision. Azmodan, Lord of Sin, towers over the fragile young woman, swearing his armies of the burning Hells shall pour forth into Sanctuary, ravishing the world and all hope of resistance.

(Incidentally, you’d think that after doing this for a few years, Blizzard‘s Chris Metzen should be a little calmer on stage, but no. Announcing this video, the Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development stumbled over his words, complained of cotton-mouth and showed the attentive audience just how much his hands were shaking. And that, my friends, is why we are hopelessly in love with him.)

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