Russian cash kiosks allow Steam Wallet deposits

Last month, we announced that rubles were finally an acceptable currency on Steam – and today, the Soviet Connection has gotten that little bit stronger, as the 38 million Steam gamers located in the Russian Federation can now add value directly to their Steam Account Wallet, via a handy cash kiosk.


A true Valve fan

Everything’s been set up by Valve in conjunction with Xsolla, the creators of the world’s largest payment network. There are now more than 450,000 cash kiosks dotted around Russia, giving gamers the ability to add a little money to their Steam Wallet next time they’re down the shops. It’s hoped the move will make the digital distributor more accessible – and appealing – to gamers in the Russian market.

Jason Holtman, Director of Business Development at Valve explains:

We are thrilled to make Steam more accessible to the Russian market, and we believe Xsolla is an ideal partner to help make this happen.

Somewhat predictably, Xsolla is pretty pleased as well:

Xsolla’s partnership with Valve (creator of Steam) will enable millions of gamers in the Russian Federation to enjoy Steam. Steam revolutionized the way games are distributed and experienced- Not only are players able to enjoy over 1500 games through Steam, but they are also able to enjoy the experience with friends and other gamers via the Steam Community, which has over 30 million players. We are excited to partner with Valve to bring Steam to Russia.

The move, coupled with the shift to local pricing last month, will certainly see Steam selling more games in Russia, and a whole bucketload of “In Soviet Russia, games buy you” type jokes.

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