Spicy Horse hints at upcoming free-to-play game

American McGee’s Spicy Horse studios has posted to its blog a “little teaser” of a new game the company has been working on. We have images of a monkey, a fox (maybe a cat?) and a bird, first in a standard appearance and also with an optional skin applied (which turns the monkey into a space cadet!).

The post has been tagged as “characters” and “free-to-play”, which sheds the only glimmer of light on what this game might be. Filenames aren’t much help either, featuring the abbreviation “BHB”.

Spicy Horse concept art Spicy Horse concept art
Starter images on left, skinned on right
(Click to enlarge)

This doesn’t look like it has anything to do with the Wizard of Oz adaptation McGee has been working on, and it doesn’t remind us of any classic fairy tales we’re aware of, so this one might be something totally new from the Alice: Madness Returns developer. (We’re guessing it’s probably not the “awesome project we were promised back in June either – that was tied in to the Alice mythology, and this doesn’t seem to fit the bill.)

Interestingly, however, it’s not posted as a Spicy Pony project, that being the Spicy Horse sub-studio focussing on iPhone and more casual games (like last year’s DexIQ). Whether this means it will be a full-blown release remains to be seen.

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