Unreal Engine to power Korean MMORPG Bless

The Unreal Engine has a tendency to pop up in an awful lot of unexpected places – and now Epic and Neowiz Games have confirmed it will be the driving force behind upcoming MMO BLESS.

Neowiz is probably best known in Korea for its FPS and sports games, including FIFA Online 2 and CrossFire, but has now signed up to use the Unreal Engine in its new games.


Ray Park, territory manager of Epic Games Korea explains:

It is great to announce one of our most important licensing deals in Korea, and we’re excited to see NEOWIZ GAMES’ first MMORPG using Unreal Engine 3. NEOWIZ GAMES’ extensive knowledge of online games and the technological competitiveness of Unreal Engine 3 should prove a winning combination for Korean gamers.

BLESS has been in the works for a couple of years now, a medieval fantasy-inspired MMORPG. There are 10 different races, split into two realms – Hierapolis and Cosmopolis – and (you guessed it), the realms are at war, in the name of religion and philosophy.

Jacob Han, chief producer of BLESS explains:

When creating a large-scale MMORPG, the most important foundation is having an expandable and robust game engine as the production tool. I believe Unreal Engine 3’s spectacular graphics rendering capabilities, among many other elements, make it the best option. And, with the Unreal Landscape tool developed by Epic Games Korea, it allows us to create extremely detailed yet full-scale worlds while utilizing less system memory than ever before.

No details yet on when this one is due out – or if it’ll even see a release outside of Korea – but it’s a pretty nifty little proposition regardless. Keep an eye out for BLESS, and what else Neowiz can come up with now the power of the Unreal Engine is at its fingertips!

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