Indie game Project Zomboid devastated by theft

Indie title Project Zomboid suffered a devastating setback over the weekend, when not one, but two of the developer’s laptops were stolen from a Newcastle, UK, flat. One of these computers held several months’ worth of work on the game. The other? That was the backup.

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid - will it ever be finished?

Chris Simpson – Lemmy, from The Indie Stone broke the news via his now-deleted Twitter, sick and “in tears” after discovering the burglary, which attacked the flat he shread with fellow developer Andy “Binky” Hodgetts.

We still have code but it’s basically before the last update. This will probably finish us. Sorry to let everyone down.

Spokesperson Will Porter explains in a blog post that while the company has lost an “awful lot of work” on Project Zomboid, things may not be as distressing as Lemmy’s emotional tweets.

The blog asks for “the understanding and patience of our community,” but so far, it seems that gamers around the world are more than a little frustrated with the developer and its lack of off-site backups.

Lemmy’s Twitter rapidly filled with retaliations against disgruntled fans, claiming he was “gonna go back into business programming,” and leave the games industry, before being deleted. Colleague Binky also subjected his followers to torrents of abuse following the customer backlash.

Amidst the noise and “fires”, only Porter seems to have kept a clear head. He claims the drama will “clearly severely delay” the next Project Zomboid update – but states that the game will still go ahead.

Project Zomboid, however, will come back stronger. I just wanted to come onto Desura to let everyone know that this is a set-back and not a death-knell. If anything we will come back stronger, and with a better game.

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