Infinity Blade FX makes arcades even more Unreal

Wait, what? Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment aren’t happy enough with the fact that Infinity Blade has taken the handheld gaming market by storm, they now want to take things in a more retro direction, announcing Infinity Blade FX – a coin-op, arcade version of the game.

Infinity Blade FX Cabinet

...and this is how it'll look.

If you’re lucky enough to attend the GEEX Consumer Expo in Utah this weekend, you’ll be among the first in the world to check out the 46-inch arcade game – otherwise you’ll have to settle for a visit to your local Dave & Buster’s. It will be playable across all 57 locations by October 28th.

Designed for both single-player and two-screen multiplayer, the game has been created by Adrenaline Amusements, and President and leader of innovation David Lachance seems a little pleased with this arrangement:

The original ‘Infinity Blade’ demonstrated the true potential of triple-A handheld gaming by delivering mind-blowing graphics and awesome gameplay to millions of mobile users. We’re now taking that experience to a whole new level with an exciting new experience crafted specifically for arcade gamers.

This of course sees the Unreal Engine 3 popping up in your local arcade – something pretty impressive in and of itself. It’s hoped the game will bring arcade gamers up to speed with some of the most awesome modern video game technology, basically super-sizing the award-winning Infinity Blade to use Adrenaline‘s TouchFX platform. That’s right – a 46-inch multi-touch screen, powered by Unreal. Not bad, not bad.

Now, let us know when the game makes it to the rest of the world, and gamers everywhere will be asking you for change for a dollar.

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