You can stop the music: Rocksmith EU postponed

Ubisoft regrets to inform Europeans that your holiday season will be a little less rockin, as Rocksmith has been pushed back into 2012. Making things worse, the company also suggests that you do not try to import the game, either.


Ubisoft explains on its Facebook page:

Rocksmith will not be available in Europe until 2012. This is due to music licensing and other external factors.

…you’ll note it apparently has nothing to do with the trademark case in the UK over a band who’s currently using the Rocksmith branding.

The company also warns:

For those of you in Europe who plan to import the game, we want to advise you to do so at your own risk.

In case you were curious, some of those risks:

  • The XBOX 360 version of the game is region locked
  • The PS3 version of the game is not region locked, but doesn’t support PAL
  • The PSN store is region locked, and therefore you will not be able to download DLC outside of your region

Boo. The game is due out on console in the United States next week, on October 18th – and will allow gamers to plug in a real electric guitar to play real music. Feel free to bring your own axe, but if you’d prefer, Ubisoft has also promised a bundle which comes with a shiny new Epiphone Les Paul Junior electric guitar. It’s due out on PC a little later this year.

Billed as a “music experience” for beginners and experienced guitarists alike, Rocksmith has been touring around the world getting people more than a little bit excited. While the delay is unfortunate, Ubisoft promises that it is only temporary, and the company is “working hard” to ensure everybody in Europe will be able to get their hands on the game real soon now.

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