Microsoft starts beta sign-ups for X360 dashboard

Hey you! Yes, you! Wanna beta test the new Xbox LIVE dashboard? Microsoft are currently accepting sign-ups from people who are interested in checking out the new interface – which takes on a more “Metro UI” approach, similar that used by the company’s recent smartphones.

Xbox 360

Bringing a bunch of new things

Expect Kinect to play a bigger part with both voice and gesture controls, Facebook functionalities, cloud storage for both profiles and game saves, and a new social broadcasting feature: Beacons.

Current belief sees YouTube support and Bing search capabilities imported as well – meaning that gamers will be able to easily search the console for music, movies or other content.

This all comes after the Xbox LIVE TV upgrade which has introduced nearly 40 new content provider partners, including several international channels – it’s a good time to have an Xbox 360.

Want to sign up? Head to the Microsoft connect page and fill out the appropriate bits.

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