War of the Worlds dev diary whets your appetite

Other Ocean has again teased us all with a few shiny new bits and pieces from The War of the Worlds, which is coming “later this year” for PSN and XBLA. This time around, alongside some new screens, we have a new Arthur Diary video (voiced by Patrick Stewart!) which details Arthur’s race to escape the clutches of the Martian Tripods.

Destruction and terror are making their way through the city – so you’ll have to think fast if you want to survive.

We’ve also got four new screens from the game as well as a lovely bit of concept art from the game. They’re all tucked away in our file library, ready for your perusal.

[img_big]center,8132,2011-10-11/wotwrooftop2.png,The War of the Worlds[/img_big]

On one hand, it’s so great to be getting these frequent updates from the developers, being given a glimpse of what’s in store… but on the other hand? We just want the game, nownownow!

…want to know why we’re so excited about The War of the Worlds? Here’s our E3 video interview with Mike Mika from Other Ocean, to fill you in.

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