6 Interview: Odd Games

If you’ve ever wanted to drive around in your own monster truck, destroying everything in sight with the roar of the crowd in your ears – now’s your chance, as long as you’re okay with doing all that on your smartphone or within Facebook. Monster Truck Destruction is an enjoyable indie game where anything can be bent, broken or destroyed – including you.

While at AVCon earlier this year, we caught up with a couple of the guys from Odd Games, who have taken their love of motorsports and their love of gaming and smushed them together into the explosive little combination known as Monster Truck Destruction.

We’ve been watching Monster Truck Destruction as it’s grown and progressed over the months, and if it continues to improve at this rate, by the time it’s finally released, it’s going to be something pretty special indeed.

Odd Games hasn’t been doing too badly for itself either, winning the top three prizes in the South Australian MEGA Business Challenge earlier this year. In a country where games developers are being shut down quicker than you can blink, it’s nice to see that indie devs are still getting a little support when it’s necessary.

Adelaide turns into a hub of video game developers and fans for one weekend a year, when the Indie Games Room takes over AVCon and shows off just what the locals have been getting up to, behind closed doors. In case anyone had any doubts, the South Australian indie development scene is booming – and Monster Truck Destruction is just one of the great titles on the way.

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