Real-money trading forces Mabinogi closure

Real-money trading has claimed another victim, as Nexon temporarily closes MMORPG Mabinogi as it tries to fix the problem.

Gamers have been unable to log in to their game of choice since October 4th, when Nexon took the free-to-play title completely offline, offering a warning mere hours before taking action.



At this stage, Nexon has not announced any timeframe for a server restart, but has promised to compensate fans who are affected by the downtime.

In a conversation with ThisIsGame, Nexon admitted:

We have found lots of [real-money trading] rising from ‘the workers and auto players’ during last holidays. So we are working on investigation over it and proceeding broadscale system maintenance to root it out.

The spokesperson also clarified that the downtime had nothing to do with an influx of reproduced gold which has reached chronic proportions in-game. Instead, it is “totally about the RMT” and the auto-player bots people are using the harvest in-game gold which is then traded for real-world cash.

This isn’t the first time Nexon has taken one of its popular free-to-play games offline – last September saw a “surprise” 12-hour downtime hitting Mabinogi Heroes, with the intention of stopping RMT and the bots. The company later announced it had banned roughly 1,000 accounts following these actions, so we’re anticipating that the banhammer will be coming down on Mabinogi real soon now.

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