More imagery sprouts from Botanicula

Take a few moments to relax, with this new video from Botanicula, the upcoming point-and-click from Amanita Design, the clever types who created Samorost and Machinarium.

According to developer Jakub Dvorský, the game is about a bunch of five little tree creatures, who must save the last seed from their home tree, currently infested by evil parasites.

Amanita has roped in Jára Plachý to help out with the animation on Botanicula, which explains why it all looks so gorgeous and slightly mental. It’s a simple story, “with a lot of exploration and a long journey,” says Dvorský. Expect plenty of both pointing and clicking, and more than a little jaw-dropping prettiness.

If you’re not ready to return to the real world just yet, we’ve got some more screens for you in our playerattack archive, too.

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