Grab 10 million friends, get Afterfall: InSanity for $1

These days, those coupon / bulk purchase deals are everywhere. You know the ones – if 10 of your friends buy this bottle of wine, you’ll all get it cheaper. Now, Polish indie developer Nicolas Games is applying the super-successful concept to its own launch – opening up pre-orders for Afterfall: InSanity with an asking price of just US$1. But there’s a catch – 10 million gamers have to sign up.

The rationale is simple – there are so many awesome games about to come out that Nicolas Games realised it didn’t want to compete for your money, so that part of the equation was simply scrapped. Why 10 million? To make it something truly epic, of course!

Once 10 million people have signed up, Afterfall: InSanity will be sent out to the internets via p2p networks like BitTorrent, so everybody can get their fix.

You’ll also receive a copy of the soundtrack thrown in for free – and if you choose to register your order, your name will be immortalised in the game’s credits, as someone who made Afterfall: InSanity possible.

Want to get in on this? Head to the game’s website, and click the appropriate links.

[img_big]center,227,2010-11-16/afterfall_insanity_announcement_fullhd_screenshot3_closecombatfight.jpg,Afterfall: InSanity[/img_big]

Now, if you’ve done the maths and worked out how much money Nicolas Games is effectively asking for, here – you may be reassured to learn that 10% of the revenues will be donated to one of the world’s largest charity organisations.

The obvious, looming question: What happens if the number of pre-orders doesn’t reach the lofty 10 million milestone set by Nicolas Games? All of the money collected will be handed to the charity. (You’ll have to pay the full asking price of $33.90 for Afterfall: InSanity if that happens – minus the $1 you’ve already paid.)

Tomasz Majka, CEO of Nicolas Games is throwing down the gauntlet:

As an independent distributor we can afford to try starting a revolution. Being absolute game fanatics ourselves, we want to prove that high-class games do not have to be associated with high price tags. Our goal is to attract players from all over the world and offer them a great deal; if we can get 10 million people to buy our game we will sell it for just 1 dollar. I strongly believe that this news will electrify the whole market and together we will set a new record.

Afterfall: InSanity itself – a survival horror title, set in a post-apocalyptic universe following the Third World War. It’s 2035, and psychiatrist Albert Tokaj has made his desperate attempt to leave the nuclear war survivor shelter. Your task is to make sure he gets out safely.

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