PayPal puts an end to Xenonauts pre-orders

The developers of Xenonauts would like you to please not pre-order their game. Well, really, they’d love you to pre-order the upcoming X-Com inspired indie release, but issues with PayPal are making things a little bit difficult.


In scenes reminiscent of the Minecraft lockdown last year, Goldhawk Interactive claim that PayPal has locked down and closed the company’s account, meaning at least $4,000 is now unavailable. Any new funds coming in are also inaccessible, so Goldhawk has temporarily disabled the Xenonauts preorder option.

Fortunately for Goldhawk, “this is not the end of the world” – even though the money will be kept in a holding pattern for 180 days before being handed over to the developer.

This is a decent amount of cash, but losing it would not be terminal to the project. The total revenue recieved is in the region of about $54,000, which is 1,900 pre-orders net of Paypal charges. The majority of this has already been cashed out and is available for development; much has already been spent but there’s enough left in our corporate bank account to get the game finished. Whether we’ll be able to implement all the ‘nice-to-have’ features on that budget (such as our new UI style) remains to be seen, but we’ll be able to complete it to the original spec on the funds we currently have. So, no need to worry about the future of the project.

The bad news is that these PayPal pre-orders are the only source of income for Goldhawk, and losing that will be “disruptive” to the project – including the developer who’s just started full-time work on the game.

Goldhawk is currently trying to figure out alternatives when it comes to accepting pre-orders – Google Checkout has the same Terms of Service which means it’s not an option, and Amazon Marketplace is apparently not supported by the site’s payment module.


…so, for now, please do not try to pre-order Xenonauts, even though it really does sound quite awesome and may neatly satisfy the appetites of those gamers looking for a straight remake of X-Com rather than the new-look version in the works at 2K.

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