6 Interview: I Love Biscuits (Evacuate)

“It’s moist! It’s wet! It’s musty!” …gotta love indie developers who spot a niche in the market and run with it. That’s exactly what Adelaide locals I Love Biscuits did, and the end result is Evacuate.



The game itself is deceptively simple. The gerbil is placed in a “narrow passage”, filled with obstacles, and he must swim for his life. As the game progresses, the gerbil swims faster, and obstacles become more obstacular – ping pong balls, cutlery, disposable razors, even goldfish. If you’re lucky enough to find a chilli floating around in there, collect it – you’ll set off an explosion which will clear your path. (Ouch!)

Starring a scuba-diving gerbil and described as a “fun, faecal-filled side-scrolling adventure”, we got a chance to take a look at Evacuate on display as part of AVCon‘s Indie Games Room earlier in the year. We were so captivated, so entranced by this game that we simply had to know more about it.

For 51 weeks of the year, Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, isn’t particularly well-known for its video game development scene. However, for that one remaining weekend, that’s all turned on its head, as the Indie Games Room sets up shop and shows off some of the latest and greatest local talent. Fortunately, I Love Biscuits was among them, otherwise we’d never have been left wondering just how that gerbil got up there in the first place…

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