Sony reveals Michael: Long Live Play

“When they tell your story, what will they say?” asks Sony. Last week, we were teased that something big would happen this week, prompting rumours of a new PlayStation Home, a potential Super Sony Brawl, or some other bizarre mash-up that saw characters from virtually every PlayStation-friendly game all thrown into the same space.

Now though, October 5th, the wraps have been taken off, and it’s something a little different to what we expected – but no less cool.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Michael:

When you look back at Sony ads of days gone by, we’re treated to some ridiculous mis-steps, some horrible campaigns and some confusing promotions. Then we entered the glorious Kevin Butler era, and today we’ve taken a great leap forward.

(Anything that pits Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal against SackBoy in a game of chess is all right in my book.)

As an added bonus, in a video crammed full of Easter eggs: All of the photos at the end of the video are real-world members of PlayStation Nation, who sent in photos as part of the Long Live Play competition. That means if you squint, you might be able to see yourself.

Nice work, Sony. Nice work indeed.

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