Epic, Apple announce Infinity Blade 2

Apple fans across the globe were glued to their monitors earlier today, as Tim Cook took the stage at the company’s major press conference to show off the new iPhone 4S. Gamers were in for a treat too, as he was joined by President of Epic Games, Mike Capps, who revealed something we all should have seen coming: Infinity Blade 2.

According to Capps, Infinity Blade 2 will only run on the iPhone (using the freshly-confirmed iOS 5), “because it’s awesome”.

The game, a follow-up to last year’s ground-breaking iOS sword-fighter, will take advantage of the new features included in iOS 5. One such feature is iCloud, which will see gamers able to seamlessly transfer save games and profiles between devices.

Donald Mustard, creative director at ChAIR Entertainment explains:

‘Infinity Blade’ allowed us to demonstrate the true potential of triple-A handheld gaming by delivering mind-blowing graphics and awesome gameplay to millions of mobile users. With ‘Infinity Blade 2’, we’re pushing the boundaries of everything achieved to date and adding a ton of new content and unique new features to create the must-have gaming experience on iOS.

Adhering to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, Infinity Blade 2 takes elements from the first game, and builds upon the award-winning gameplay and those amazing visuals. All-new locations, expansive 3D environments, new rewards, powerful enemies, terrifying bosses and an even deeper storyline make this one a “mysterious, timeless adventure”.

You’re equipped with new fighting styles and weapon classes – combine those with the deep, role-playing elements and you’re in for a treat.

Infinity Blade 2 also features new online modes, such as the “massively social” Clash Mob, where you’ll be able to participate with other gamers to unlock exclusive items and rare weapons.

[img_three]8512,2011-10-04/IB2_Screen_SirisVsNoc.jpg,2011-10-04/IB2_Screen_SaydhisEstate.jpg,2011-10-04/IB2_Screen_SirisVsWretch.jpg,Click to enlarge[/img_three]

…but wait, there’s more. Infinity Blade: Awakening is a brand new novella, written by Brandon Sanderson, the New York Times bestselling fantasy author chosen to complete The Wheel of Time series.

Now, Sanderson has lent his pen to ChAIR, to tell more of the back story and fiction behind the Infinity Blade series. Magic and technology are indistinguishable, and even the constants we know as life and death are not necessarily what they seem.

The best bit? Infinity Blade: Awakening is available right now, via the iBookstore, for US$2.99.

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