Red 5, Webzen settle Firefall court case

Earlier this year, Firefall developer Red 5 filed for arbitration against the game’s Asian publisher, Webzen. Several months later, the court case has been settled, “including withdrawal of all pending legal claims against the other”.

That bit’s important, because there was some counter-suing action going on there too for a while.


The settlement spells out that Webzen will receive compensation for the development fees that it had already paid Red 5, and will also be given a share of future Firefall revenue “for a certain period of time”.

Red 5 on the other hand, have global publishing rights, and Webzen has dissolved any marketing or publishing agreement.

In an official statement, Mark Kern, CEO of Red 5 explains:

Given the resolution of all disputes and conflicts between our two companies I would like to ask for our fans’, especially Chinese and Korean gamers, continuous encouragement and support in Firefall and Red 5.

…when it comes to Twitter, Kern is a little more relaxed:

Settled lawsuit with Webzen today. Worldwide Firefall rights are now with Red 5. Woot!

Firefall is currently in invite-only beta, the free-to-play PC MMO shooter due to hit the public on December 31st.

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