Star Wars: The Old Republic teases unlucky fans

EA wants to know what you think about the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta test – even if you’re not in the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta test.

The developers recently sent out a short survey asking for feedback, with the intentions of improving the overall testing experience. It seems that someone must have clicked the wrong button, however, as the email was sent to everybody who had signed up to be a beta tester, rather than the smaller percentage who had been successful.

Star Wars: The Old Republic beta tester email

Star Wars: The Old Republic

For those fans who have been hanging by their inboxes waiting and hoping for their invitation, this is like salt in the wound. Countless gamers have turned their virtual mailbox upside down in the hope that maybe – just maybe – this email wasn’t in error, and that they’d simply misplaced the beta invite.

However, sorry to say, it’s a glitch. There’s a thread on the game’s official forums, which has already escalated to the point where it’s causing errors, hiccups and failure to load on other parts of the game’s website.

BioWare has posted on the Star Wars: The Old Republic facebook page, explaining simply that the company “is looking into it” and hopes to have more information “soon”.

That’s unlikely to be enough to soothe the savage masses – complaints are already streaming all over Twitter and other social networking sites, with gamers claiming that there is only one thing to make up for their hurt and suffering.

You guessed it: A beta key for SW:TOR. We’ll see how that plea goes.

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