Yuji Naka would like you to visit his Fishing Resort

Yuji Naka helped to create Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS and Phantasy Star (the original!). In recent years, he’s turned his skills to rhythm game Let’s Tap and the adorable Ivy the Kiwi?.

We’d been wondering what Naka-san would get up to next, but never expected the answer would be “go fish”! The newest game from Naka-san’s company Prope is Fishing Resort (Family Fishing in Japan). While gamers around the world are scratching their heads, Naka-san explains that he was a little surprised by the move, too.

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Bandai Namco Games contacted me after they released the Family series skiing game, We Ski in the US. They approached me to create a fishing game in the same line. Because I’m not a big fisherman, I said no at first. Thinking about it further, maybe there are other people like me that don’t know much about fishing who may enjoy an accessible fishing game. So, I wanted to create a game that was unlike those on the market right now, which are targeted towards core fishing fans. My goal was to make a fishing game that anyone can play.

First announced in July, Fishing Resort is making its way to the Wii, published by XSEED. While you’d be forgiven for expecting this one to be yet another fishing simulator that sees you reeling in fish after fish, we hear that Prope has paid equal attention to both the “fishing” and “resort” elements.

It starts at the very beginning of the game where you come into a resort, a place where you’re going to spend a fishing vacation. The setting puts everyone at ease. You can relax or go fishing right away. Of course, it’s important to make the fishing accessible, but I also felt making a fun resort was just as important for players to relax and do as they please. Not only did I read a lot of books about fishing, I read a lot of books about running a resort.

Naka-san spoke recently with Siliconera about Fishing Resort, where he also discusssed the new wave of handhelds, mascot-driven games, and where to from here.

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