Frozen Synapse stars in new Humble Bundle

Strap on those dancin’ shoes, it’s time to do the Humble Indie Bundle shuffle once again. This time though, there’s a twist.

Previous bundles have featured multiple games – some would say that’s the point of a “bundle” – but this time around, it’s just one. Frozen Synapse.

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

The procedure is the same – for the next 14 days, pay what you want, and donate a little to charity. Frozen Synapse is normally $25, but now you can pick your price, and you’ll get the soundtrack for the game thrown in for free. (Want to know why you want this game? Check out our review!)

But of course there is a catch. “Pay what you want” promotions usually end up with a lot of people really not handing over much cash, so the Humble guys have designed a clever little carrot to dangle in front of you. Pay more than the average price (currently $4.50), and you’ll also get the entire Humble Frozenbyte Bundle thrown in for free.

(That means, Trine, Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor, plus early versions of Splot and Jack Claw.

All of the games have been designed for Mac, Windows and Linux, none of the have DRM, and you can install the games as many times as you like.

Your payment is split four ways: The Frozen Synapse developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child’s Play and the Humble Bundle co-ordinators. You can choose how much of a share each group gets.

Now, we’re not going to suggest anything that means indie developers and charities get less money. But we are going to point out that the sooner you get in on this deal, the lower the price will be. Just sayin’.

Since its inception, The Humble Indie Bundle has raised more than $2,000,000 for charities, and that number’s only set to increase with this new innovation. Stay tuned.

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