Minecraft makes its way to Android, Sept 29

Android users! While it can seem that the rest of the world is focussing on your Apple-tinted brethren, the gods of gaming have smiled down on you, with Mojang confirming that Minecraft really is making its way to Android-powered handsets starting this Thursday, September 29th.

Daniel Kappische Kaplan broke the news earlier today:

I just made a video of Minecraft – Pocket Edition with the touch controls coming on Thursday!! 😀

Movement is controlled by a virtual D-pad on the left, while dragging on the right will control your camera’s perspective. There’s a few handy tweaks for gameplay that have been added to better suit the mobile platform – auto-jump when walking into a ledge, for instance.

If you’ve checked out Minecraft on the “PlayStation Phone” Xperia Play, this is pretty similar. Spawn new worlds and build/delete blocks in a shiny version of Creative Mode, but you won’t face any enemies, and the health/hunger bars have been removed.

There’s also no official statement on another eagerly-anticipated port, but Mojang‘s video descrption says it all:

iOS coming eventually!

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