What is The Darkness II? New trailer explains

Believe it or not, The Darkness came out nearly five years ago – and that’s two years when it comes to game time. The Darkness II is due out kinda soon, and because 2007 was such a long time ago, the clever sorts at 2K Games have released a video to fill you in on what you might have missed, forgotten, or not caught-up-with yet.

What is the Darkness? Who is Jackie Estacado? What’s going on with the Mob? Watch and learn, my friend.

That’s Johnny Powell narrating the video, by the way. He’s set to play a “key role” in The Darkness II, but nobody seems ready to talk about just how, at this stage.

Want to know more? We caught up with developer Sheldon Carter while at E3, to find out how Digital Extremes is handling taking over the game from original developers Starbreeze Studios, and a little more about what’s in store. I have one word for you: Quad-wielding. That is all.

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