End of Nations bumped into 2012

If you’d been hoping to get your free-to-play strategy fix by the end of the year, you may have to look somewhere other than End of Nations. Publisher Deus Ex Worlds has confirmed that the game has been unfortunately delayed from a “late 2011” launch to the much less concrete “sometime in 2012”.

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The game was on show at last week’s Eurogamer Expo, where lucky attendees were able to see some of the new aesthetic upgrades for the game – new unit skins and colours, which don’t add anything to the game beyond a bit of eye-candy. (Deus Ex Worlds are adamant that the game is not “pay to win”, and promise that real-world money will only be able to purchase things to make characters look a bit prettier).

As we learned in our E3 video interview, End of Nations will support up to 26 players at any one time, with gamers duking it out in what is a relatively small battle in the overall scheme of things. Zoom out a little and you’ll see a metagame being played out – with two playable factions depending on you. In End of Nations it’s entirely possible to lose the battle but win the war.

There’s apparently a beta in the works for End of Nations, but no details revealed as yet – and unfortunately no more specific release date. Bump this one off your Christmas list, kids – we might be waiting a while.

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