Unstoppable Gorg beta: Do you have the guts?

It is a big week for betas, in case you hadn’t noticed, with two of the most eagerly-anticipated games announcing their testing plans in the past few days. While all that was going on, Unstoppable Gorg revealed plans for its closed beta test, too.

…and then it promptly curled up and cried once it realised what it was up against.

But! Developer Futuremark isn’t one to be so easily deterred, inviting all PC gamers who like a bit of tower defense to get in now and sign up for Unstoppable Gorg, due to start in the next few weeks.

In case you missed what exactly Unstoppable Gorg really is, let me bring you up to speed. The game is inspired by the classic, vintage science fiction from the 40s and 50s, a gorgeous aesthetic combined with some thrilling space defense.

Space defense? Well, if you can imagine the typical tower defense mechanics, but plonk them into an orbital layout and the ability to rotate towers around a central point, you’re on the right track.

Jaakko Haapasalo, who has one of the coolest jobs at Futuremark Games Studio – Director of Defense – explains the company’s plan:

This is no marketing beta. We need enthusiastic players to take part in a proper, old-school beta – one where players’ suggestions and ideas will actually influence the final game. We are looking for players who will join in, speak up, and help us grow a great community around this exciting new game.

[img_three]8473,2011-09-21/unstoppablegorg1.png,2011-09-21/unstoppablegorg2.png,2011-09-21/unstoppablegorg3.png,Click to enlarge[/img_three]

So. How do you do it? First, check to see that you’re using a PC, and meet the minimum requirements of at least running Windows XP and DirectX 9. If you’re a gamer, I’m betting you’ve already exceeded both of those, so you’re good to go.

Head to the Futuremark forums and sign up, or if you’d prefer, hop over to the Unstoppable Gorg Facebook page and click the “like” button.

Simple as that – and who knows, this one might fill in the gaps between those other, unnamed beta tests doing the rounds!

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