Magicka reminisces with Gamer Bundle DLC

Paradox has already shown how incredibly seriously it takes video games, with the release of Magicka: Vietnam earlier this year. Now, the PC developer has shown a remarkable level of respect for games that came before, with a handy little DLC pack titled the “Gamer Bundle”, for the original Magicka.

Magicka's satire, geddit?

Closer inspection reveals that the US$2 download contains player skins – shiny bits of nothing that really add no major anything to the gameplay, but do make things look a little cooler.

…and that’s where Paradox has outdone themselves. There are three new robes contained in the pack, each one based (heavily) on three of what must be considered some of the best PC games of all time.

You can deck your character out to resemble someone who’s just stepped out of World of Warcraft.
Otherwise, provide your wizard with a crowbar and a headcrab in tribute to Half-Life.
On the other (third?) hand, there’s a simple purple costume that will happily convert your pointy-clicky wizard into a Tentacle. Yep, from Day of the Tentacle, of course.

Extra character skins from the Magicka Gamer Bundle

There's all three of them for you

For just $2, if you’ve got a little extra money in your account and are looking for something to spice up an already plenty-spicy game, you could do worse than this. The Gamer Bundle for Magicka is available now, on Steam.

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