The War of the Worlds – new screens, concept art

It’s always the way – the games that you don’t necessarily need to know more about will flood the market for months with screenshots, videos and details. At the same time, the games that you desperately want more information about will remain tight-lipped virtually up until the day of release.

To illustrate my point: We have three new pieces of artwork for The War of the Worlds, from Other Ocean. That’s it. Three. No videos, no extra details on gameplay, no nothing, just two screenshots and one piece of concept art.

…and they’re worth the wait.

[img_big]center,8132,2011-09-20/Paddington_Station_Final.jpg,Paddington Station concept art[/img_big]

This time around, this gives us a glimpse into Paddington Station, an early level from the game. Our hero Arthur Clarke has been involved in a train crash in the station, caused by mysterious, unknown invaders.

The Martians have trashed the place, leaving dangerous obstacles for Arthur to negotiate – and this is only a hint of what’s to come.

[img_big]center,8132,2011-09-20/paddington5.jpg,In-game screenshot[/img_big]

The War of the Worlds is shaping up to be something pretty special. Inspired by the classic H.G. Wells novel and the 1953 film adaptation of the same name, developer Other Ocean has created a dark, 2D action-adventure. Paying homage to the “classic cinematic platformers” of the past, expect an adventure that brings back memories of Flashback, Heart of Darkness, Out of This World and the original Prince of Persia.

[img_big]center,8132,2011-09-20/paddington4.jpg,In-game screenshot[/img_big]

Arthur Clarke is an “unknown everyman”, who – like the rest of his neighbours – is faced with the terrifying Martian invasion of London. The War of the Worlds sees Clarke battling through “insurmountable odds” (obviously somewhat surmountable), outsmarting spiders, drones and the alien tripods, on a quest to rescue his family.

The War of the Worlds is due out for both Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network some time before the end of the year. For more information, check out our video interview from E3, with Other Ocean‘s Mike Mika.

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