New Battlefield 3 trailer uses console footage

EA has been copping some flak recently over only showing Battlefield 3 running on super-high-spec PCs, which don’t really give a good impression of how the game will run on console.

Now though, the doubters have been given something to ponder. Developer DICE has stepped up to the plate, releasing a new video featuring real-world Xbox 360 gameplay. It also shows off the Frostbite 2 engine in a night time scenario, which makes a nice change.

There’s explosions, light mortar, things on fire, and everything you’d expect from Battlefield 3 – including a lovely sense of brotherhood and friendship.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Operation Guillotine.

Battlefield 3, the eleventh title in the Battlefield franchise, is headed our way in late October – the 25th for the United States, the 27th for Australia and New Zealand, and the 28th for Europe. It’s been picking up great previews, and with just over a month to go before release, the hype is only going to build.

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