Chinese game "borrows" assets from EVE Online

You may not recognise the name Yoogames. It’s a chinese company specialising in online games, including DDTank, Richstate, and turn-based strategy title Caesary.

Something else it appears that Yoogames specialises in: Using copyrighted images and assets from other video games to advertise its own. Today’s example comes to us from Planet War, a space action title comprised of a “large web” of interactive games.

Take a quick glance at the Planet War website, and see if you recognise anything. If you’re a fan of EVE Online, then the whole site might look a little familiar. Here’s another illustration:

An ad for PlanetWar, featuring ships from EVE Online

Hey, I know that ship!

Fans of StarCraft II may have to look a little closer, but there’s a Protoss Yo-Mommaship tucked in there too, as well as the Trade Federation space station from Star Wars. And that’s just the start.

Gamer Astir Zekor on the official forums for EVE Online raised the alarm, with fans swarming all over the Chinese website pulling out further examples of alleged copyright infringement.

So far I’ve got: Star Wars, Star Trek, StarCraft, EVE Online, maybe even Battlestar Galactica, but not sure on some of these pics…

An ad for PlanetWar, featuring ships from StarCraft II

That's a Protoss ship, right there.

While CCP may have missed the initial launch of Planet War, the company has certainly been paying attention to its own forums, with EVE Associate Community Manager Fallout posting in the appropriate thread:

Thank you for calling this to our attention. I am notifying the relevant parties in the company.

…given that this is all going down in China, we’re not sure quite what CCP (or any other affected company) will be able to do about Planet War or Yoogames in general. But it’s nice to see them trying, right?

Meanwhile, this is the dilemma: If you are going to blatantly rip off someone else’s content (which we hope you don’t), should you choose a Big Name, to make your project look as good as possible, or should you choose something smaller, so that you are less likely to get caught? Something to think about.

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