Blizzard customer service – now in video form

After more than twenty years in the business of making games, Blizzard Entertainment has learned a thing or two about customer service. Love ’em or hate ’em, the company’s biggest game has more than 11 million subscribers, so it’s obviously doing something right.

Now, that “something right” has taken an all-new form – a YouTube channel dedicated to videos all about keeping you informed. With just a click, you can learn all about how to use either the Mobile Authenticator or the Physical Authenticator, pick up a few tips on general security for World of Warcraft, or, our personal favourite: What to do after being hacked.

We particularly like the British voices chosen by the company, which automatically seem so much more soothing than their American counterparts. Whether or not the videos will actually provide you with solace in the unfortunate event that your account is hacked waits to be seen, but prevention really is better than cure, so if you’re a World of Warcraft fan, watching these clips isn’t a bad idea. Who knows, you might get a few giggles while you’re at it.

At this stage, the videos are totally focussed on and WoW, but that’s not to say that StarCraft II fans won’t get their space-themed assistance in due course, or that Diablo III will miss out totally when the game is finally launched.

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