Tribes: Ascend starts looking for Beta Testers

The news Tribes fans have almost been waiting for, almost because you will still have to wait a few of weeks before the closed beta for [url=]Tribes: Ascend[/url] starts and you actually get to play it. However Atlanta based [url=]Hi-Rez Studios[/url] has started Accepting Applications for those wanting to take part.

Players can sign up by visiting [url=][/url] and filling out the application form. If the Tribes gods are on your side then you will be one of the hand picked players by the [url=]Hi-Rez Studios[/url] team to take part.

The [url=]Tribes: Ascend[/url] beta will include 32 player servers and will have 4 multiplayer maps, 2 game-modes and 3 vehicles as well as 12 playable classes. All for your jumping, shooting, skiing, flying pleasure.

[img_big]center,7665,2011-09-14/tribesascendbetacoming1.jpg,Where is the snow?[/img_big]
[img_big]center,7665,2011-09-14/tribesascendbetacoming2.jpg,Are you sure that is a flag?[/img_big]

Over the next few months [url=]Hi-Rez Studios[/url] will be increasing the number beta participants, and ramping up for the actual release in the first quarter of 2012. Tribes was one of the favourite games to throw around a LAN back in the day lets hope this one keeps with that tradition and brings some hard core tribes action.

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