GIVEAWAY: Heroes of Neverwinter Beta Keys

If you’ve ever wanted to take part in the Neverwinter franchise from Atari, but think it sounds like too much effort, now’s your chance. The company is getting set to launch the latest instalment of the RPG – and it’s on Facebook.

Heroes of Neverwinter is set to take the social gaming network by storm, condensing the classic characters, settings and gameplay into handy, bite-sized play sessions. Expect top-notch RPG, a bunch of Facebook-specific features, and – of course – viral dynamics.

Heroes of Neverwinter

Heroes of Neverwinter

Right now, the game’s in a secretive closed beta, only allowing a select handful of gamers into the fabled echelons – but we’ve got 50 keys to give away.

If you want to explore the legacy, ruleset and lore of the classic Dungeons & Dragons, wrapped up in a handy social media context, now’s your chance – and entry couldn’t be more simple.

Just follow us on YouTube, friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and…


…as soon as we’ve got your address, we’ll send over a beta key with your name on it. Just make sure you send us a postcard, okay?

What are you waiting for? Off you go! Explore, experience and enjoy the fun that is Heroes of Neverwinter. See you there!

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