Nintendo sets sights firmly on girl gamers

At today’s press event at Tokyo Game Show, hardware giant Nintendo revealed a chart, showing the gender (im)balance between gamers across its three primary platforms.

Nintendo's Gender Balance Graph, Tokyo Game Show 2011

Blue is for boys, Pink is for girls.

The Wii is nearly perfectly split, which is reassuring. When it comes to the handhelds though, the differences start to show. While marginally more girls seem to prefer the DS, the more recently released 3DS is surprisingly male dominated, a statistic Nintendo is none-too-pleased about.

So – the Japanese company sat down for a while to work out how to bring more female gamers to the brand new handheld.

Firstly, a number of new, girl-friendly games have been revealed. Expect to see (at least in Japan), a new Girls Mode title (released in the U.S. as Style Savvy), a new Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and a new Paper Mario 3DS. There’s also a brand new Fire Emblem announced to massive cheers, Resident Evil: Revelations for the horror fans, “cute soccer title” Culdecept 3DS and the newest RPG from Square Enix: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

Combine those with the debut of Hatsune Miku onto the handheld in Project Mirai (albeit in nendoroid big-head form), and it’s apparent that Nintendo really are catering for the ladies in the audience.

…but, not one for subtlety, the hardware giant didn’t stop there, pulling out the big guns:

Misty Pink 3DS

Isn't it charming?

That is a “Misty Pink” 3DS, launching in Japan on October 20th, because we all know girls are way more likely to buy something if it’s pastel. No confirmed release in other territories as yet.

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